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The Bulb (#90981-13075), a crucial component in the Electrical Fog Lamp, Headlamp, and Night View systems, is fundamental to Toyota vehicles' safety and operational efficiency. With genuine Toyota Autoparts Bulb (#90981-13075)s, compatibility with your vehicle is optimized, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. These bulbs play a prime role in illuminating the road ahead under different conditions, enhancing visibility and safety. When switched on, the bulb's filament heats up and emits light, illuminating the area in front of the vehicle. However, frequent use leads to gradual deterioration of the bulb's filament, affecting its luminosity. A worn-out, broken, or non-functional bulb can compromise visibility during night-time driving or adverse weather conditions, posing potential safety risks. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota Bulb (#90981-13075)s is advised, reflecting their key role in maintaining optimal illumination and overall vehicle safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) SU003-02571;81110-35480;81150-35461;81110-35451;81110-35481;90981-WD012;90981-WD013;90981-13082;81150-35460;81150-35430;81150-35431;90981-WD011;81110-35450 More
Part Number 90981-13075

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